I’m the founder & Principal HR Consultant at HR for Health Leaders. 

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When I’m not at work, you’ll find me spending quality time with my friends - hosting a dinner party or enjoying a couple of drinks & some live music, watching Netflix,  travel (or dreaming of it!), strolling in nature or listening to an endless list of leadership development, small business growth and mindset audiobooks & podcasts. I am passionately curious & love learning! 

On top of my experience with all things related to running a clinic; I have since helped over 200 business owners in the Allied Health industry with their HR needs!

I also have 14 years’ experience in HR, a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resource Management & a Post-Graduate Certificate in Industrial Relations. PLUS I'm an accredited DiSC Facilitator & have studied NLP. 

I’m not just a HR specialist; I also co-owned a Remedial Massage Clinic for 4+ years – so I get it & understand how HR applies specifically to you!

Why Chose Me?

I don’t just talk to you about boring HR stuff that you can read online…

Benefits of Working with Me...

Does any of this ring true?

You are fully booked and have little time left in your schedule but are wanting to scale your income and you are sick of holding yourself back from growing your business for fear of getting it wrong when hiring staff – hence you’ve landed here ready to hire, but damn that feels a little daunting.

You’ve heard that subcontracting isn’t the way to go & that so legally you shouldn’t do that (in 99% of situations) but how the hell do you sell an hourly rate to a therapist when they expect a ‘higher’ per treatment rate?

Or maybe you already have subcontractors & you have realised you need to convert to employment arrangements & need advice on how you make that transition, what its going to cost in comparison to their current pay and how to pitch it to them!

Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories of business owners getting hit with unpaid wage bills, superannuation they haven’t paid and penalties for screwing it up – how do I avoid that?!?

And then how do I structure a shift to be efficient? Will I actually make money paying them an hourly rate or a salary? Can I get them to do work when they aren’t treating clients? How do I prevent them from poaching clients and starting their own business? How do I even find these therapists?

And then how do I introduce them into the business, plan their training, motivate them to hit their KPI’s and manage in the event things go pear shaped?!?

I offer straight forward advice in language you can understand, that is given with specific understanding of the types of challenges you face in private allied health practices.

Do what you do best
Outsource the rest


Results and achievement are important to me – so I want to see you walk away with the clarity and confidence to hire and manage a team to achieve the business results you are looking for! 


So the saying goes, if we’re not growing we’re dying! I support you to grow your business to the next level; in turn supporting the growth of your employees and expanding the impact you can have on your clients! 


Truth is, we’re more powerful when we’re together! The power of listening to other experiences and being open about what has worked and not worked only enhances your growth! 

My Values

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Hot Tub + Wine

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Hiring doesn't have to be scary; I break it down into practical strategic advice
combining HR expertise and real world experience.

Watch the podcast episode below where I talk to Elicia Crook from Massage Champions, sharing tips, insider advice, strategy and nuts and bolts information about subcontracting, employment and the Award.
(Prefer to listen on Spotify, Stitcher or Apple? It's Ep50 on the Business of Massage & Wellness Podcast)

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